Welcome to Travel Tales and Tips – my travel blog

This blog is for readers who enjoy reading travel experiences and plan their own travel after being inspired. I always wanted to share my travel experiences with people to inspire them to take up travel . This blog is an attempt by me to reach out to fellow travelers who are like minded and who love to travel, who love to explore new places.

By giving a first hand account of my travel experiences, I wanted to experience the joy of sharing. Also, there are many small and handy tips which I have shared through out the blog which are very helpful when a person is actually travelling to a place. These tips help in avoiding inconvenience at last minute or in a different country.

I have kept the site very simple –

– All the travel experiences are included under the page called destinations 

– Other pages which I have added are blog posts which directly let you know which all pages have been added by me.

– In case you want to know more about me you can visit about me page.