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Invitation to guest bloggers – even you can be a published blogger!

I know many of you would have some travel story to tell but owing to lack of time, energy or expression, that story is still hidden somewhere in the closet or in the unknown layers of your mind. Many of you might not have not found a platform to share that travel tale (I myself have gone through that apprehension many times before I mustered the courage to launch this site) – knowing how it feels and knowing how many of us want a platform to share experiences, I decided to open my website for travel stories written by you.

Yes! you can write your own experiences and share on this platform – I will post the article on my website with your credentials.

In case you have a travel story to share, you can share your content with me on [email protected] and if found relevant to the theme I will go ahead and publish it on my site under your name.

Collaboration with hotels, travel websites and travel forums

I am open to working with other travel websites and travel forums – writing blogs for them or freelancing work related to any travel venture. I am also open to writing reviews with hotels I have stayed in as I believe in sharing what is best about you with others who might want to explore your services later on!

So far, I have included names of hotels which I have stayed in with a limited insight into their services – but I can do this in detail as a separate section on my website and I am open to tying with you if you want me to do a complete story on your hotel.

You can also contact me at [email protected] or [email protected] in case you want to know further details.