Trip to Corbett

Many of you would have gone to Corbett already or many more of you might be aspiring to go!

In this brief article, I am not going to talk much about the usual attraction of Corbett – the safaris. There is ample amount of information already available on this. Just a brief mention will do however as my article will not be complete without it. Safaris are a must if you plan to go to Corbett. However, it is must that you have bookings in advance if you plan to take up safari as on-spot booking is not done and you will end up missing safari if you do not have a booking in place. There are many sites which allow you to book jeeps or cantours for safari. Another thing which
I want you to caution about is that the safaris tend to get very cold in the mornings (even during summers) – so carry ample clothing with you.

The main focus of my article is going to be around what else can you do in Corbett – things which i explored this time. The best of all is a trek into the wild life with a forest ranger guiding you through…

If you want to spot wild life, nothing better than exploring nature by foot… An eight to nine kilometer trek starting from a very scenic spot close to Sitabani gate. If you are lucky you will be able to spot the snow-cladded himalays…

Taking you through the complete wilderness of the nature

Meet the local kumaoni people..don’t miss a very traditional way of living, earning their livelihood, traditional houses made up of stones and mud (no cement), use of chullahas (age old gas stoves used in indian kitchens), chapras (thatched roofs)…people still live a very happy life away from the concrete jungles of cities
Started at around 11 AM and we touched down by about 3 PM – on our way, it was a very close rub with nature…we could hear the chirping of birds, sounds of leaves ruffling from the wilds and then there was a surprise element as well…roar of the leopard from the jungle. Spotted excretas of elephants and leopards – that was as close as we could get to the wildlife…had packed some ready-to-go lunch and enjoyed that on the way down…

Other things you can explore in Corbett are motorised paragliding – an eight km joy ride in the air on the smallest aircraft.

For souvenirs, you can pick up military t-shirts or sweat shirts or key chains for gifting….overall, a good and short get-away trip from the hustle and bustle of Delhi NCR..

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